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Welcome to CLASS 6MH (Formerly 5MP)

The grown-ups working with you in your new class are:


Welcome to year 6

We look forward to seeing you all back in September and have an exciting time together. We will ensure you are provided with the education you deserve. We will be doing what we do-responding to the needs of our daily basis to ensure that you become Lifelong learners.

Our aim will be to adapt our curriculum planning to reconnect learning and personalising the provision.

We will maintain our social distancing and maintain class groups to reduce the risk of transmission and minimise mixing.

There will be some adaptations to the classroom seating arrangements.

Uniform: All children are required to wear school uniform

Brief introduction to some of the topics covered in year 6

For the first few weeks this year ,we will have a big drive on Basic English and maths skills and we would appreciate your support with this as we strive to ensure that all children have an early focus on spelling, punctuation, grammar and reading as well as counting and calculations.

English-We will be starting our year by reading Pig Heart boy. Children will be encouraged to read a variety of books focussing on the vocabulary.

Maths -will be taught aiming at Number and Place value and the four rules of mathematics. We will encourage children to learn all their times tables and gaps in learning will be covered by thorough planning.

Science– Look forward to the science investigations. In year 6 we will be learning about Circulatory system, Light, Inheritance and Evolution.

History- Mayan Civilisation and the impact of World War 2 on Coventry and Britain.

We ensure that your safety is our priority and we will take all care to make sure you are safe in class and have fun!!

Welcome to CLASS 6KB (Formerly 5SS)

The grown-ups working with you in your new class are:

Year six will be an action backed year. Given social distancing, we will start off the year but being in out classes, not sets for English and Maths.

We will be studying six books across the year: Pig Heart Boy, Boy at the back of the class, Fireweed, Storm-breaker, Alice in Wonderland and Wonder. We will be using the PowerMaths scheme of get arithmetic, problem solving and other maths topics back up to speed. In science, we will be looking into the circulatory system, healthy living, inherited characteristics and evolution as well as how light and sound travel. During science lessons, we will try and do as many investigations as possible. Our topics will be around the Mayans in the Autumn term and looking at Britain’s history of invasion for the rest of the year- World War 2, Hastings in 1066, Vikings at Lindisfarne among others. Reading is an important part of life in year six, as they children get a lot of chances to explore books and the joy of reading. P.E. will be twice a week, once outside in the playground and once out in the yard. Monday afternoons, Mr Nash will take my class- He will teach R.E. every week, P.E. and ICT and Music on alternating weeks.

One major features of year six is the preparation for the SAT examinations that take place in May. Children will receive lots of help with the preparation, as well as invention classes and booster classes if they need it. During English and Maths lessons, children will be exposed to the exam conditions and exam type questions, as well as being taught the skills they need.

Year sixes will also have the opportunity to go to Drayton Manor in the summer term, as well as have an end of year prom and put together an end of year performance of parents and the school community. The teachers in year six understand the pressure the children could be under due to their up and coming exams. We will have fun and make our lessons as engaging and diverse as possible.


The grown-ups working with you in your new class are:

Miss C. Szustakiewicz, Mrs S. Khan and Miss N. Smith.

Welcome to Year 6!

We understand that you might have mixed feelings about coming back to school but we would like you to know that we will do our very best to make you feel comfortable again in your school.  We will look after you, we will keep you safe and we will help you to learn and make progress.

In the first few weeks, we will go back to basics in English and Maths to make sure that we have strong foundations to build upon (times tables, calculations, handwriting, spelling, grammar, etc) and we would appreciate your help with this.

There will be exciting new books to study in English (Pig-Heart, The Boy At The Back Of The Class, Fireweed, Stormbreaker, Alice In Wonderland, Wonder, etc) as well as great new topics!

In History, we will be studying the Mayans before having a closer look at the impact that World War 2 has had on our city.

In Science, we will be learning about light, living things, the circulatory system in our body, the impact that our lifestyle has on our health and also the difference between evolution and inheritance.

We will also be designing a burglar alarm and growing vegetables in Design and Technology. We will be studying Picasso in Art and Design and also drawing our own self-portrait. We will be improving our French communication skills and even write to children in a French school! There are also many exciting topics in PE, PSHE, Music, RE and Geography!

There is a lot to look forward to in September, but most importantly, we look forward to seeing you!