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The grown-ups working with you in your new class are:

Hello, I am Mrs Field and I can’t wait to meet you all in September.  I am looking forward to learning all about you and what you like to do and what your favourite subjects are.  I love reading and art which we will be doing lots of during the year.

We have some great topics this year; learning about the famous people and events of the past; the world around us including places that are local, national and international.  We are also going to become great scientists carrying out investigations and experiments to help us understand nature and materials.  In PE we will be developing our balance, co-ordination, and our ball skills to improve our health and fitness. RE and PSHE will teach us to understand how people are different but also the same helping us to get along together.

We will be learning many new and exciting words so we can write some amazing stories and also improving our maths skills using all sorts of wonderful equipment to help us understand all the different concepts.

It is going to be an amazing year!


The grown-ups working with you in your new class are:

Hello Children,

I am really looking forward to being your teacher in Year 2.  We are going to have a great time together, learning new things and reaching new goals.  In English, we will be reading some fabulous stories and doing some wonderful story writing.  In Maths, we will learn about place value of 2 digit numbers and use them to do calculations and in Science, we will be learning all about ‘Materials’.

If you love doing PE, you will be happy to know that we will be learning to do a Space Dance in September.  You will also have the opportunity to do some amazing Art work and Design and Technology lessons where we will be making some tasty bread!

I can’t wait to have you in my class and find out more about you.

Have a great holiday and I will see you in September!

Mrs Begum and Mrs Moosagee


The grown-ups working with you in your new class are: 2SR

There’s lots to look forward to this year!

When you come back to school in September, your teachers will be ready to welcome you into your new class and although we know things might be slightly different, we are really excited to meet all of you.

We will be starting the school year off with some really exciting lessons; including learning about the Great Fire of London and capital cities. In our Art lessons, we will start off with drawing self-portraits and later we’ll be experimenting with mixing paints together.

There are some wonderful stories that we will be reading as a class and we will have the chance to do some writing based around these stories and even look at creating fairy tales.

We can’t wait to meet and get to know all of you in September.