Language Link now have a Parent Portal with information and activities to support your child’s speech and language development. This is for children of all ages (not just in years 1 and 2).  They have put together information and activities that can encourage your child’s talking and listening. Just follow the link below.





Top Tips For Supporting Your Child’s Communication Development – 
Top Tips For Supporting Your Child's Communication Development
Chatter Cards
Useful Websites – 
Useful Websites
Activity Cards – 
Activity Cards
Speech & Language Terms – 
Speech And Language Terms
Summer Talk – Activity Pack – 
Summer Talk - Activity Pack
Speech – Difficulties and Strategies – 
Speech - Difficulties & Strategies
Days Out In Coventry – 
Days Out In Coventry
Expressive Language – Difficulties and Strategies – 
Expressive Language - Difficulties & Strategies
Receptive Language – Difficulties and Strategies – 
Receptive Langauge - Difficulties & Strategies
Social Communication – Difficulties And Strategies – 
Social Communication - Difficulties & Strategies