These games are a selection of the Gordon’s resources chosen for the appropriate year group. They are “exe” files that you will need to download to a PC and run. They do not work on mobile devices or Apple computers.

Click on bonds within 1 and times by? Click on U x 0.0h
Click squares to reveal answers.
A challenge to identify correct answers within 1 minute.factors/multiples Choose with 0.0h, random tables and division / random missing number.
Click on decimal bonds, tables with decimals
Click hats to change value.
Complete your chosen loop by dragging correct answer to space provided.
Click to calculate differences. Match equivalent fractions and decimals to fractions.
Click on bonds and decimals to fractions Choose your speed and practise recall
Click to x and ÷ by 10 or 100 (decimals) Use knowledge of x 10,100,1000 to convert measures
Click convert units. Reveal or input answers Click decimals to make totals to 1
Click fractions to derive equivalences
From start number follow instructions.
Click instruction to reveal answers.
Use knowledge of conversion and ÷ 10,100,1000 to find % amounts