These games are a selection of the Gordon’s resources chosen for the appropriate year group. They are “exe” files that you will need to download to a PC and run. They do not work on mobile devices or Apple computers.

Choose times table, with units / with units missing number / with TU Complete your chosen loop by dragging correct answer to space provided.
A challenge to identify correct answers within 1 minute. Click on a numbered coin to find factors or multiples of it
Tables all to 12 x 12   +/- TU
Click squares to reveal answers
Click on x, ÷, multiples doubles & halves
Click on tables and division, doubles and halves.
Click hats to change value.
Choose your speed and practise recalling
x and ÷ facts, doubles and halves …
Use tables knowledge to read the pictograms Identify how many in the array
From start number follow instructions. Click instruction to reveal answers. Say or write your answer before it reveals itself.