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Mathematics – John Gulson Primary School Philosophy

Mathematics is taught by engaging each child in the ‘awe and wonder’ of maths around us in our world, relating much to every day problems.

Aims of the National Curriculum for Mathematics

Mathematics teaching is timetabled for one hour every day, in the morning in Key Stage 1 and 2.

In line with the National curriculum 2014 we teach our children to be fluent in the basics of mathematics ensuring that they understand why and what they are doing. We do this by using the connection model in our teaching episodes where children are encouraged to make links between the picture, concrete resources, language and the abstract symbol. By doing this we enable children to be flexible with numbers and reason mathematically.

How our curriculum is applied to each Year Group

Teaching Methods and structure

Please see our calculation policy:

The documents below give the progression for mental calculation that we use in school.

For further information about mathematics at John Gulson Primary please contact:

Supporting your child:

The support parents and carers can give is of great benefit to a child’s mathematical development, even if you don’t feel confident with mathematics, you can still make a huge difference to your child’s numeracy confidence and ability. This can involve being positive about mathematics, pointing out where we use mathematics in everyday life and praising your child for their effort.

Information books have been given out to parents which outline the key ideas in each year group and provides a range of practical ideas and enjoyable ways in which you can support your child with learning mathematics at home. You can also access the booklets by clicking on the links below.

  1. Supporting your child in maths Reception
  2. Supporting your child in maths Year 1
  3. Supporting your child in maths Year 2
  4. Supporting your child in maths Year 3
  5. Supporting your child in maths Year 4
  6. Supporting your child in maths Year 5
  7. Supporting your child in maths Year 6
For more activities to help your child at home please use these recommended websites:

ICT Games

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Oxford Owl

Times Tables Rockstars
We are pleased to share our new resource, Times Tables Rockstars, which we have purchased in school to support and engage children with learning their times tables. Children will create their own rockstar avatar and be able to practise their timetables, they can compete against other children in the school and other schools nationally.
Please click on the logo to enable your child to log on and to compete!

TTRockstars parents letter