The children are organised into 4 Phases. These are grouped into classes, each of which has a class teacher and about thirty children. Where possible the children are taught in their year groups.

Phase 1/Foundation Stage : Nursery and Reception

Phase 2 : Years 1 and 2

Phase 3 : Years 3 and 4

Phase 4: Years 5 and 6


Special Needs

At some time during their life, children may encounter a problem in their learning, which requires help, or have a learning need that requires support in terms of extension work. We have specialised staff whose role is to identify such needs and share them with families in order that we can together provide help and support for the family and the child. Individual programmes are developed to ensure that all children with special needs are helped or referred to the appropriate agency for support following National Guidelines in a staged approach.


The majority of children in John Gulson Primary School are learning English as an additional language.

Provision is made via the Language Support Team to develop the children’s language through the curriculum in partnership with mainstream teachers and through the planning and review meetings.

A team of educational assistants support the children and parents in their first language. The target children for concentrated support but also help the remaining children across the curriculum. We also encourage parents to become involved as partners by facilitating workshops.

Assemblies and RE

Religious Education topics and themes are studied in school. We concentrate at times on all the major world faiths, focusing on the cultural tradition, customs and religious practices of the world in which we live, in particular on those religious groups within the City and local neighbourhood. Religious inspiration is drawn from and reflects the multi-cultural community the school serves. An important component of religious education work centres on visits to the local religious centres and the invitations to local religious groups to share their beliefs and practices with us.

At John Gulson assemblies may be led by the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, other members of staff or by the children and great care is taken to make sure that all the faiths and beliefs held by our children are talked about and treated with equal value and respect.

Special assemblies are held to celebrate the important festivals of all faiths.

Family assemblies take place regularly on Thursdays (for Key Stage 1) and Fridays (for KS2 children.) Children usually present these assemblies, for example, they dramatise stories or present recent work they have done in class. Parents are notified when these happen and are always welcome to join us in assembly.

Our school has been granted a determination in respect of the Act of Collective Worship under Section 7 (i) Education Reform Act 1988.

This means that our school has permission to organise religious education teaching to reflect the beliefs and values of all members of our community.

You have the right to withdraw your child from Religious Education and Assemblies.

Creative Arts

Art, Physical Education and Music are all taught in the school.

Examples of Artwork by the pupils are displayed in the school’s reception corridor and the displayed are changed regularly. Pupils study units in painting, drawing, collage, printing, textiles and sculpture throughout the year.

In music pupil study rhythm, pitch, notation and composition. Pupils in KS2 have the opportunity to play the ocarina, or to sing in the choir, both classes are held during lunchtimes.

Physical Education encompasses team games, gymnastics, athletics and dance. Professional coaches are employed whenever possible. e.g. coaching in basketball, by the Coventry Crusaders, and in cricket, by players from Warwickshire County Cricket Club.

Pupils also visit the Swimming Baths during Year 4

Social and Health Awareness

Throughout the year lessons are planned with the aim of helping personal development. Included in the programme is health and sex education. Whilst recognising and acknowledging natural gender differences, we avoid reinforcing the traditional male/female roles.


At John Gulson we aim to offer a curriculum which recognises, values and celebrate the cultures represented in our school.

In partnership with the Minority Group Support Service the school offers pupils the opportunity to study their own Community Language in extra curricular classes.

Adult classes held weekly include ESOL, Computers, Keep Fit and Sewing.

It is our policy at John Gulson to endeavour to support the Secondary School Work Experience Programme and students of Secondary School and Sixth Form Colleges are regularly placed in the school.

Parents are encouraged to take an active part in the life of the school and are welcome to attend our Special Assemblies, as well as termly Home/School link meetings.

Curriculum Workshops are held to help parents to stay informed about the way in which their children are taught.

A regular Newsletter containing information about the School’s activities is circulated to all families. Pupils are being encouraged to contribute to this publication.