At John Gulson Primary School our broad and balanced curriculum incorporates the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum 2014 using the Cornerstones approach to a creative thematic curriculum.

As a school we draw upon the rich diversity of our community and develop positive attitudes to pupils and others. We intend to build resilience and through our curriculum enable our pupils to become creative, critical thinkers. Our projects have been chosen to engage our children, allowing them to apply their learning in engaging contexts and promote their thinking skills.

We will draw on the wide range of experiences that our pupils bring to school and develop their skills using the framework provided by Cornerstones. The framework allows children to progress through 4 stages of learning – Engage, Develop, Innovate and Express. These contain age-related learning opportunities and allow staff to track pupil’s progress and identify their learning needs.

At John Gulson Primary School many of our pupils have limited life experiences therefore we intend to broaden our pupils’ understanding of the wider community by enriching our curriculum with the following experiences:

  • Visit a museum
  • Take a nature walk
  • Visit a zoo
  • Visit a farm
  • Have a picnic outside
  • Explore our city centre
  • Visit a castle
  • Visit a cinema
  • Attend a live performance in a theatre
  • Visit a country park
  • Explore an ancient site
  • Learn to ride a bike
  • Have a ride on a bus
  • Experience animals first hand
  • Take part in the re-enactment of a battle
  • Experience a live music performance
  • Visit a theme park
  • Experience a Victorian classroom
  • Visit an art gallery
  • Fly a kite
  • Visit a range of different religious buildings