Leadership Team


Headteacher Mr S Hussain All job vacancies are advertised on the WM Jobs website and duplicated here:
Deputy Headteacher Mr S Ahmed Job Vacancies
Deputy Headteacher Mr S Price
School Business Manager Ms F Macnab If you are interested in a applying for a placement or would like to volunteer please see the details on the following page:
Assistant Headteacher – Phase 1
Mrs M Bassi
Placement and Volunteers
Assistant Headteacher – Phase 2 Mr P Watson
Assistant Headteacher – Phase 3
Mr D Mackintosh
Assistant Headteacher – Phase 4 Mrs M Minhas
Inclusion Manager Mrs S Webberley Holmes

Phase One Team – Nursery & Reception

Phase Two Team – Year 1 & 2

Nursery Teachers
Mrs T Thompson
Mrs C Thorne
Year 1 Teachers  

Miss A Ghedia

Mrs J Russell-Brooks
Mrs B Samra


Mrs M Turvey
Reception Teachers
Mrs B Shirley
Miss G Lowe
Miss A Mellett
Year 2 Teachers  

Ms S Begum


Miss E Masters


Mr I Mander
Teaching Assistants
Mrs R Adamjee (HLTA)
Mrs S Bhave (HLTA)
Mrs S Kubra (HLTA)
Miss J George (HLTA & S+L)

Miss K Hunjan

Mrs A Khalifa
Mrs S Khela
Miss A Mangaria
Mr J Stevenson
Mrs M Kaur
Mrs F Bhayat
Teaching Assistants
Mrs K Riat (HLTA)
Mrs A Tiernan (HLTA)
Miss S Begum (HLTA)
Mrs A Choudhury

Mrs A Das

Mrs H Edgar (S+L)
Mrs S Hans
Mrs R Moosagee

Miss A Kola

Phase Three Team – Year 3 & 4

Phase Four Team – Year 5 & 6

Year 3 Teachers  

Mrs H Field


Mrs S Hamid


Miss C Peters


Miss S Akhtar
Year 5 Teachers
Mrs B Jandu
Mr M Pilarski
Mrs P Mcleod
Year 4 Teachers
Mr D Heer
Mr J Tiernan
Mrs L Walsh
Year 6 Teachers
Miss C Szustakiewicz
Miss S Russell
Miss K Barry
Teaching Assistants
Mrs F Khalifa (HLTA)
Miss R Ahmed (HLTA)
Ms A Choudhury
Mrs A Kadir
Mrs K Patel
Miss N Smith

Mrs N Chhokar

Teaching Assistants
Mr S Nash (HLTA)

Miss S Hussain (HLTA)

Mrs N Hunjan
Mrs S Khan
Mrs S Moosagee
Mrs Y Osman
Mrs A Rai

Mrs S Stephens

Support Teams

Learning Mentors
Mr J P Mbarushimana
Mr M Shebl
Family Support Worker Mrs J Jacobs
Support Staff Mrs M Alanee

Mrs I Barskyj
Mrs M O’Hagan
Administration Team Mrs V Kilmurray
Mrs J Craddock
Mrs K Dhaliwal
Mrs R Green
ICT Team  Mr L Baker
Mr M Cross
Site Services Team Mrs R Harrison
Mr P Carter