JGTree + HandsJohn Gulson is an inclusive and forward thinking school committed to achieving high standards of learning and to developing good relationships between pupils, parents and staff.

In our positive atmosphere we strive to challenge every child to develop high self-esteem and realise their full potential.

Our Vision 

  • Everybody is welcomed, respected and valued.
  • We will help every child to achieve high standards in their learning in order to reach their full potential.
  • We celebrate achievement and recognize success.
  • We have high expectations of all.
  • We have teaching and learning at the heart of all we do.
  • We foster a thirst of learning and working together.
  • We celebrate and embrace diversity.
  • Our Children will be safe, happy and successful


We want pupils to: We want parents and carers to : We want our staff to: We want our Governors to:
  • Love learning
  • Feel safe and happy
  • Become independent, lifelong learners
  • Be resilient, ambitious and aspirational
  • Love learning!
  • Know that they are valued and part of our school
  • To support their child’s learning journey
  • Love learning
  • Be committed to professional learning
  • Be approachable, inspirational and positive role models
  • Be team players
  • Be inspired and inspire others
  • Be professional and approachable
  • Act as one united and positive team
  • Love learning
  • Be committed to professional learning
  • Be approachable and positive
  • Be team players
  • Be inspired and inspire others

Promoting British Values at John Gulson Primary

At John Gulson Primary School we value the diverse ethnic backgrounds of all pupils and families and undertake a variety of events and lessons to celebrate these. We have found this approach to be enriching for all parties as it teaches tolerance and respect for the differences in our community and the wider world. Underpinning all of this is a range of curriculum topics, which have strong links to these values.

At John Gulson these values are reinforced regularly and in the following ways:


Democracy underpins all aspects of life within the school. Pupils have the opportunity to have their voices heard through our School Council and Pupil questionnaires. The yearly election of school councillors is a prime time for teaching children about the British democratic system, and elections are held in a way which emulates our own democracy. Children have links with the local council, and school councillors are given the opportunity to visit the Council house and develop their knowledge of local government. Fortnightly school council meetings allow pupils to voice their opinions on many issues including Health and Safety and take part in whole school decisions. Children have partner classes which meet regularly, allowing younger children to develop their pupil voice alongside older peers and have their voices heard.  Our school behaviour policy gives children a clear framework of behaviour, and school rules are discussed at class and whole school level to ensure all children feel part of the decision making process. Children are taught to question and think critically, and our school is proud of our long history of taking part in city wide annual debating competitions.

The Rule of Law

The importance of Laws, whether they be those that govern the class, the school, or the country, are consistently reinforced throughout regular school days, as well as when dealing with behaviour and through school collective worship. Pupils are taught the value and reasons behind laws, that they govern and protect us, the responsibilities that this involves and the consequences when laws are broken. Visits from authorities such as the Road Safety, Fire Service and local Police officers are regular parts of our calendar and help reinforce this message.

Individual Liberty

Within school, pupils are actively encouraged to make choices, knowing that they are in a safe and supportive environment. As a school we educate and provide boundaries for young pupils to make choices safety, through of provision of a safe environment and empowering education.  Pupils are encouraged to know, understand and exercise their rights and personal freedoms and advise how to exercise these safely, for example through our   E-Safety and PSHE lessons. Whether it be through choice of challenge, of how they record, of participation in our numerous extra-curricular clubs and opportunities, pupils are given the freedom to make choices.

Mutual Respect

Part of our school ethos and behaviour policy has revolved around Core Values such as ‘Respect’, and pupils have been part of discussions and assemblies related to what this means and how it is shown. Posters around the school promote respect for others and this is reiterated through our classroom and learning rules, as well as our behaviour policy. Mutual respect is intrinsic in all aspects of life at John Gulson Primary school at every level. All stake holders are valued for their contribution to school life.

Tolerance of those of Different Faiths and Beliefs

This is achieved through enhancing pupils understanding of their place in a culturally diverse society and by giving them opportunities to experience such diversity. Discussions about prejudices and prejudice-based bullying are held in circle time, and with individuals where necessary to ensure our understanding and tolerance.  Our assembly format which follows the SEAL programme allows these themes to be developed in more detail as does our in class PSHE lessons. Tolerance is a core value at John Gulson and respect for all faiths is a shared understanding at all levels. Members of different faiths or religions are encouraged to share their knowledge to enhance learning within classes and the school. We are proud of our rich and diverse cultural make up at John Gulson and celebrate this as a school. We pay respect to all faiths and give time to exploring all religions and celebrating special festivals in whole school assemblies. Children are given the opportunity to find out more about different cultures through a rich range of artefacts and through having a diverse staff and pupil body. High quality teaching of Religious education and PSHE allow us to keep our core values at the forefront of all we do. At John Gulson we have a partner school in Burford which allows children an opportunity to meet with children from a culturally and socially different background, regularly and in a meaningful way. This is a link children and staff in school are very proud of.