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John Gulson

Speech and Language

We invest in external Speech and Language support and a qualified Speech therapist works in school regularly to carry out initial speech and language assessments, reviews and blocks of therapy. 

In addition to this we use WELLCOMM to screen children's speech needs in the Early years to provide early intervention as soon as possible, this could be referral to speech therapists, 1:1 Interventions or small group work. This also supports us to know common issues our children are experiencing with speech in Nursery and Reception, and ensure the curriculum is tailored to support.

WellComm - GL Assessment (

In Key Sage One we screen all children again using Language Link to identify any further speech needs and any specific language needs. This allows us to direct support via small group intervention, referrals to external agencies and whole class misconceptions. 

Speech and Language Link - support for SLCN


Speech & Language (ID 1328)

If children are new to school and we have concerns about speech and language our HLTA who is employed to support speech and language will carry out a language and speech assessment and support the referral process to our Speech and language therapist. 

Mrs Chhokar our is our school's Speech and Language specialist Higher level teaching assistant who works with children requiring interventions as highlighted by WELLCOMM and Language Link, she also supports children in Key Stage Two with therapy targets set by SALT. 

Mrs Wilkinson is the Speech therapist who works in school regularly to also support our children. 

If you want to see examples of what is typical for speech and language development for children please see below:

Ages and Stages (



 Mrs Chhokar - Teaching Assistant  Speech and Language