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John Gulson



At John Gulson Safeguarding takes the highest priority. We work with families and external agencies where needed to ensure every child is safe and well.

Our values reflect this drive with one being specifically dedicated to being ‘safe’.



We have ten members of staff trained as safeguarding leads. Mrs Webberley Holmes is our lead DSL and works a lot with external agencies along with Mr Sheble to support children and families.  The rest of the team have the same level of enhanced training. This means we always have multiple highly trained staff on site and from every part of the school to support any safeguarding needs for your children.

All remaining staff in school receive annual statutory safeguarding training in line with Keeping Children Safe in Education and termly training in specific areas of safeguarding in school along with regular briefing updates.

Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility – if you have any concerns regarding safeguarding, please speak to Mrs Webberley Holmes of one of our other dedicated safeguarding professional in school.


Staff Training

  • Enhanced DSL training – all Safeguarding Lead and Deputies – September 2023
  • Whole school Keeping Children Safe in Education Training – September 2023
  • Autumn Safeguarding update training with a focus on domestic abuse – all staff, November 2023
  • On-line safety training – all staff, January 2023
  • Prevent Training – all staff, January 2023



All of our safeguarding team receive regular safeguarding supervision via external providers and in-house.