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John Gulson

Pastoral Care at John Gulson


Who are we?

Pastoral Care Staff (ID 1317)


Our WONDERFUL Year 6 Mental Health Champions


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What do we do in school?

We are passionate about ensuring your child’s time at school is happy, purposeful and fulfilling. We work with children to remove barriers to learning and to ensure their time in our care is full of joy. We want everyone to feel like they belong! 

No Significant learning occurs without a significant relationship

 - James Comer


Universal Offer – for all children.

Our pastoral team are always around at the start and end of the day to welcome the children into school for the day. You can find us on the gates (come rain or shine!) This enables us to support and worries first thing and at the end of the day. We love welcoming the children to school.


Our pastoral team are around at break times and lunch time to support play, listen to any worries and also run clubs.



There is a learning mentor assigned to each phase of the school so the children can get to know familiar faces and trusted adults to help them if needed. Our learning mentors run restorative meetings between children when conflict arises (which it inevitable does from time to time) this allows our children to learn how to resolve disagreements in a positive way which are brilliant skills for now and in the future!


Tailored Support

From time-to-time children need a little extra support and our pastoral team are around to support with this – we pride ourselves on ensuring all children have this support available and as such have a large and skilled team to ensure we can support any child who needs it. We work hard to make sure mole hills do not become mountains or mountains are scaled together! We do this through a range of ways:


  • Tailored 1:1 support.
  • Targeted Small group support.
  • Well-being support
  • Zones of regulation 1:1 and group work (recognising feelings and knowing which tools to use to support ourselves through these)
  • Bereavement support
  • Mindfulness and reflect programme with Dev.
  • Lunchtime clubs
  • Support with friendships
  • A friendly adult to chat to when needed.
  • Support within the classroom to access learning when required.
  • Time to talk – we are currently funding one of our team to become a qualified child and adolescent councillor so we can invest in our children’s mental health and wellness even more.
  • Outdoor learning groups
  • Bespoke behaviour support based in relationships first.
  • Working in partnership with other agencies/ services to make appropriate referrals.





Mental Health Champions

At John Gulson Primary school our drivers of wellness, empowerment and communication are key to all we do. We want to empower our children to be able to communicate around feelings now and in the future and be empowered to know how to support their own and others wellness.


In Year 6 pupils can take part in the Mental Health Champion programme. This is open to all children who wish to participate and comes with training and a time commitment which the children give willingly – often asking for more.


Mental Health Champions have 3 x training days through out the year from Herriot’s World Well-being and meetings with Mrs Webberley Holmes. They then have assigned jobs across school where their aim is to build relationships, build community and support wellness.


Currently we have 28 Mental Health Champions in Year 6 who support across school from Reception to Year 6.


Jobs include paired reading with younger children, playground pals, mentors in lessons and peer mentors.


Here is what the children have to say about this!




Here is what our children have to say about how they feel about school!



Pupil Voice December 2023


Adults will help if someone is getting hurt, bullied or has a problem. 


100 % of pupils surveyed said yes to this 


I know who I can talk to at school if I am worried about something. 


100 % of pupils surveyed said yes to this  

I love my weekly time with Dev – She listens to me and helps me so much!

Sometimes when I’m not sure if I’m feeling angry Mrs Kubra takes me to her office and we colour and it helps me calm down.

I feel happy when I am going out with Mr Shebl, Miss Simpson or Mrs Kubra because I know I will be do really cool things and it makes me feel super happy.


What others say

Leaders want pupils to grow as well-rounded and responsible individuals. Pupils’
personal development is a key strength of the school’s curriculum. Pupils learn about 
different faiths and beliefs, the law, democracy and healthy living. They take part in 
a wide range of extra-curricular activities at lunchtime and after school. They attend 
well-being workshops, where they learn how to understand and control their

- Ofsted March 2022 

They feel safe at school because staff look after them well.

- Ofsted March 2022

Pupils say that bullying is not a problem at the school. They know that staff would deal with it 
if it happened.

- Ofsted March 2022


Here is what our families have to say about how they feel about school!

What do our parents and carers think? 


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