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John Gulson


Here are all the policies we hold here at John Gulson Primary School.

Accessibility Plan

accesibility plan september 2021.pdf


Acceptable Use of IT Policy 2023

it use policy 2022.pdf


Anti-Bullying Policy 2023

anti bullying policy 2023 .pdf

Child-friendly Version 2023:

child friendly anti bullying policy jg 2023.pdf


Assessment Policy 2023

EMBEDDED_PDF_{/docs/Policies/Assessment_Policy_2023.pdf}Attendance and Punctuality Policy 2023


Attendance and Punctuality Policy 2023

attendance and punctuality policy 2023 24.pdf


Behaviour, Attitudes and Relationships Policy 2023

behaviour attitudes and relationships policy 2022 23 updated march.pdf


Behaviour Principles Statement 2023

behaviour principles statement 2023 24 .pdf


Bereavement Policy 2023

bereavement policy september 2022.pdf


Charging and Remissions Policy 2023

john gulson charging and remissions policy sept 23 4 .pdf


Designated Teacher Policy 2023

lac policy september 2023 .pdf


EAL Policy 2023

eal policy september 2023.pdf


Equality Statement and Policy 2023

equality statement and policy june 2021.pdf


Feedback and Marking Policy 2023

feedback and marking policy sept 2023.pdf


GDPR Policy 2023

gdpr policy 2023.pdf


Handwriting Policy 2023

handwriting policy 2022.pdf


Health and Safety Policy 2023

health and safety policy sept 2023.pdf


Home-School Agreement 2023

home school agreement 23 24.pdf


Low Level Concern Policy 2023

low level concern policy 2022 23.pdf


Medical Needs Policy 2023

medical needs policy sept 2023.pdf


Mental Health and WellBeing of Pupils Policy 2023

mental health and well being pupils 2023.pdf


Nursery Admissions Policy 2023

nursery admissions policy.pdf


Online Safety Policy 2023

online safety policy sept 2023.pdf


Parent Code of Conduct 2023

parent code of conduct sept 22.pdf


Parental Complaints Procedure 2023

parental complaints 23 24.pdf


Presentation Policy 2023

presentation policy 2023.pdf


Privacy Notice for Parents and Carers 2023

privacy notice for parents and carers sep 23.pdf


Pupils Who Cannot Attend School Due to Medical Needs 2023

pupils who cannot attend school for medical reasons policy september 2023.pdf


RHE Policy 2023

rhe policy 2023.pdf


Safeguarding Policy 2023

safeguarding and child protection policy 2023 24.pdf


SEND Policy 2023

send policy september 2023.pdf


Social Media Policy 2023

social media policy 2023.pdf


Suspension and Exclusion Policy 2023

suspension and excusion policy 23 24.pdf


Teaching and Learning Policy 2023

t l policy 2023.pdf


Uniform Policy 2023

uniform september 2021 onwards.pdf

We have a second hand uniform swap shop available in school. Please speak with Mr Shebl or the office to arrange a time to come in.