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John Gulson

Parent / Carer Engagement

It is commonly acknowledged that “It takes a village to raise a child.” 

At John Gulson Primary School, parent/carer engagement is vital. We offer a variety of ways parents/carers can engage with the school.

Class Dojo is our primary method of communication. Class Story allows teachers to share photos, videos, documents and special occasions from the classroom for parents/carers to see. It also allows parents/carers to see what is being taught each half-term. There is also a messaging system within Class Dojo, which allows our families to directly message their child's class teacher.

The whole school story allows whole school letters and messages to be shared with the full school community. 

We have an open door policy. There is a member of SLT present each morning and after school, on the main gate, to liaise with parents. For something more urgent, families can make Ann appointment with the relevant staff member. 

Our weekly newsletter goes out to families every Friday. Within each newsletter, there is information fro each member of the senior leadership team; weekly attendance numbers; upcoming events; mental health and wellbeing support; photos of work; Star of the Week awards; UNICEF awards; and Reader of the Week! 


Twice per year, our parent/carer questionnaire goes to families to complete, allowing them an opportunity to share their views on key aspects of the school. Once the data has been analysed, the Headteacher shares the outcomes with the school community and also addresses key concerns, either providing explanation for why certain things are they way they are OR making adjustments to processes in order to address these concerns. We also allow parents/carers to share what they like about the school, to ensure we do them more often! 

Parent/Carer Workshops

cct parent carer cct course flyer.pdf

sleep workshop flyers.pdf


Every September, we hold parent/carer information sessions for our families. Each year group has their own meeting, led by the Headteacher, senior staff and the class teachers. At these meetings, key information is shared about the year ahead, what they can expect their children to learn, key dates (class assemblies, parent/carer workshops) and it is an opportunity for our families to get to know their child's teacher over a coffee and cake! 

Each family will then be given a parent/carer information booklet containing all of the information; these also go on Dojo and the school website under the 'Children' and class tab. 


We offer 2 formal opportunities during the year, for parents/carers to meet with their child's class teacher. These take place in October and March. Due to the Covid pandemic, these were offered via telephone call; however, we have now returned to face-to-face sessions. At these sessions, teachers share progress and targets, as well as attendance data.

At the end of each academic year, all families receive a formal report.  

We offer many opportunities for parents/carers to come into school to work alongside their children, as well as a chance for parents/carers to develop their own knowledge and expertise. We also like to involve our families in celebratory events! Every October and November, we also offer open morning events for prospective new parents/carers. In-year admissions are met by the Family Support Worker for a tour of the school.