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John Gulson

Local Information

What we do at John Gulson Primary School 


Every September, we hold parent/carer information sessions for our families. Each year group has their own meeting, led by the Headteacher, senior staff and the class teachers. At these meetings, key information is shared about the year ahead, what they can expect their children to learn, key dates (class assemblies, parent/carer workshops) and it is an opportunity for our families to get to know their child's teacher over a coffee and cake! 

Each family will then be given a parent/carer information booklet containing all of the information; these also go on Dojo and the school website under the 'Children' and class tab. 

We offer 2 formal opportunities during the year, for parents/carers to meet with their child's class teacher. These take place in October and March. Due to the Covid pandemic, these were offered via telephone call; however, we have now returned to face-to-face sessions. At these sessions, teachers share progress and targets, as well as attendance data.

At the end of each academic year, all families receive a formal report.  

Our Workshops & Events 2023-2024

We offer many opportunities for parents/carers to come into school to work alongside their children, as well as a chance for parents/carers to develop their own knowledge and expertise. We also like to involve our families in celebratory events! Every October and November, we also offer open morning events for prospective new parents/carers. In-year admissions are met by the Family Support Worker for a tour of the school. 



Local Workshops & Events 2023-2024

There are local workshops and events in the area available to all parents and carers, including online courses which can be done from home.

Here is a list of upcoming events:

Sleep Workshop - 11th April

sleep workshop flyer.pdf

Coffee Morning - 16th April

Positive Family Foundations - Tuesday Evenings

pff telfer rd tues eve v1.pdf

Positive Family Foundations - Thursdays

pff telfer rd thurs 12 30.pdf

Online English Course - from 15th April

english onlinerecorded summer 2024.pdf

Online Maths Course - from 15th April

maths onlinerecorded summer 24.pdf

Online Positive Family Foundations - from 15th April

pff onlinerecorded summer 24.pdf

Online Emotion Coaching - 30th April