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John Gulson

English as an Additional Language


We are proud of our induction process for children new to English who join us at John Gulson Primary School. Our highly trained HLTA Manager Mrs Jandu conducts an initial language assessment (English proficiency scales) on arrival. Then designated time is given daily for phonic acquisition and additional small group sessions weekly for language support both in class and in a small group. This also includes enrichment activities and support with building friendships. 


EAL (ID 1327)

We also have support from Positive Youth Foundation who come into school and mentor some of our newest arrivals to support integration  and help sign post the children to activities within the city.   
Our Family Support worker also conducts home visits to families newly arrived to the country to ensure any support needed given and to find out more about how to support the child/ren and families as they join us. 

Our EAL Displays

Please see the policy attached for more details:

eal policy september 2022 .pdf