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John Gulson




The concept of STEM learning is to combine science, technology, engineering and maths to create something that is greater than the sum of its individual parts. Combining these subjects together can help pupils understand how the subjects they study can be applied in real life. We believe that this holistic approach to project based activities can have many benefits such as: it increases innovative thinking, allowing children to think outside the box; it encourages curiosity, allowing children to ask questions and explore; it inspires creativity and ingenuity, which motivates students to use their own imagination; it fosters collaboration and communication with their peers; it builds confidence and teaches acceptance of failure; and it prepares and teaches students about future careers.


Using STEM for hook lessons.

At John Gulson, we use STEM activities for hook lessons for our writing topics. We link the activities to the writing topic and to build on from previous learning within science or design technology. 

autumn 1 non fiction stem hooks.pdf


autumn 2 narrative stem hooks.pdf