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John Gulson





Our Mathematics Curriculum Handbook 2023-2024

maths curriculum handbook.pdf

Our Mathematics Work


Additional Information on our Mathematics Curriculum

Coventry Building Society are working in partnership with John Gulson, to develop children's knowledge in money and finance. The children take part in workshops with CBS volunteers, sometimes in school and sometimes out of school at the local theatre or CBS arena!  

Coventry Building Society secures Fair Tax Mark - Fair Tax Foundation Fair  Tax Foundation


 We use TT Rockstars to support with children learning their times tables


We also use Numbots:




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Our Mathematics Curriculum Overviews

Please click on the below year groups to view the curriculum overview for each year group.

Reception Overview

pm2 year 1 overview.pdf

 Year 1 Overview

pm2 year 1 overview.pdf

 Year 2 Overview

pm2 year 2 overview.pdf

 Year 3 Overview

pm2 year 3 overview.pdf

 Year 4 Overview

pm2 year 4 overview.pdf

 Year 5 Overview

pm2 year 5 overview.pdf

 Year 6 Overview

pm2 year 6 overview.pdf