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John Gulson

Professional Development for the JGP Team


Access to consistent, quality professional development is essential within a school system that is constantly changing and developing.


We place CPD as a key priority for all staff members in all roles:


  1. Weekly staff meetings with a coaching and mentoring approach;
  2. Access to a bespoke CPD journal, developed by our SLT and linked to our School Improvement Plan priorities, values, equality objectives and aspirations of the team;
  3. Biannual CPD meetings with the Headteacher to plan out and review a 1-, 3- and 5-year professional development journey;
  4. Access to ongoing training bespoke to your role in school;
  5. Access to networking via our involvement with the Compass network within Coventry;
  6. A peer support system;
  7. Access to a range of qualification opportunities including NPQs and higher education opportunities;
  8. An Education and Training Scheme, open to all staff, which enables you to apply for external qualifications such as Masters degrees, counselling training, trauma informed practice and PhDs.


We want to invest in our staff and their professional development; not only is it our job as a school to ensure we have the highest calibre of expertise, but it is our ethical and moral duty to develop the next generation of school leadership. This is a job we take extremely seriously.