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John Gulson

United Nations School Council


     Hassibah                      Kostja                       Omer                        Zainab


This year, we have created the United Nations - each child within this organisation will be responsible for representing their class country and help to share the opinions of the children within their school.


The children within the United Nations firstly put their name forward in a pitch of their choice (this could have been a piece of art, a poem or a speech).

Afterwards, the pupils within their class voted for three potential candidates. We then held a vote in a polling station. The child with the most votes from each class then became our United Nations representative - showing the children of John Gulson how democracy works. Each year group has three representatives, in some years this has meant there is more than one representative in a class.

In our first United Nations meeting, we discussed the different aspects of our council and held further votes to decided on the children's areas of responsibility. From each year group, we have:

  • an eco-councillor, who is in charge of environmental concerns;
  • a sunshine councillor;
  • a mental health ambassador;
  • and a wellness councillor.

The wellness councillors look at physical health within our school. Keep an eye out for all the exciting work we will be doing throughout the year!