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John Gulson

School Council



We are very proud of our school council at John Gulson Primary School! 


Mrs Jandu is our council leader, and we meet regularly to think about ways to improve our school. We also support charities and fundraising for our school. 


We have school council representatives from all classes from Year 2 - Year 6. 


Our school council elections happen every year in the autumn term and everyone has a chance to stand as a candidate. 


After a selection process where we give speeches (or other ways of communicating if needed) about our plans if successful we go to the polls! 


An election is held in school which involves polling stations and ballot boxes. We want to prepare our children for the process of exercising their democratic rights in the future and learn about democracy. 


Once the results are announced we celebrate all those who have stood and then start the serious business of working together ot make democratic changes to improve our school and the lives of those near and far. 



Flame of Friendship


Minutes of Meetings