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John Gulson

Mental Health Champions

At John Gulson Primary school our drivers of wellness, empowerment and communication are key to all we do. We want to empower our children to be able to communicate around feelings now and in the future and be empowered to know how to support their own and others wellness.


In Year 6 pupils can take part in the Mental Health Champion programme. This is open to all children who wish to participate and comes with training and a time commitment which the children give willingly – often asking for more.


Mental Health Champions have 3 x training days through out the year from Herriot’s World Well-being and meetings with Mrs Webberley Holmes. They then have assigned jobs across school where their aim is to build relationships, build community and support wellness.


Currently we have 28 Mental Health Champions in Year 6 who support across school from Reception to Year 6.


Jobs include paired reading with younger children, playground pals, mentors in lessons and peer mentors.


Here is what the children have to say about this!