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John Gulson

Head Pupils

At John Gulson Primary School, we believe strongly in giving children different levels of responsibility within the school. New this year are our Head Pupils. 

Our Head Pupils are in Year 6. At the end of Year 5, those children who were interested in the role developed a manifesto - some wrote speeches, some created Powerpoints, some wrote poems and some even created a piece of art! The children had to show how they met the job description and what they hoped to achieve in the role, if they were successfully appointed. 

Our Head Pupils will work closely with the SLT and the Pupil Voice Lead to conduct pupil voice research, action plans and monitoring of impact of key initiatives around the school. They will present their findings to the Governing Body at our termly meetings. They will also represent the school in a variety of ways, for example, they will lead open mornings for prospective new families. 


Head Pupils Job Description

head pupils jd 2021 22.pdf