Dear Parents and Carers,

We are at the end of our first full week back since March and what a week it has been! It has been so wonderful to see the children and families back. The children have been doing some great work and it has been wonderful to see their smiling faces! I hope the newsletter you received earlier this week gave you some insight into what they have been up to.

I wanted to thank you for your support since we returned to school. As a parent myself, I am aware of the concerns and worries we face, especially where our children are concerned, through these unprecedented times. I wanted to completely reassure you that yesterday, we followed PHE (Public Health England) guidance in full; the school was thoroughly deep-cleaned yesterday (with the 4JT classroom deep-cleaned as soon as the children had left); staff had a de-brief to review all procedures and processes and finally, the Authority confirmed we did everything exactly right, following full health and safety guidance and commended us on our swift response. My thanks to the parents who picked their children up so quickly for us, to the staff who pulled together to support the families and the office and site staff for such immediate action.

I wanted to address four things that have been shared with me by concerned parents:

  1. There is information being circulated that staff in school will take children to be tested for COVID-19 if they present symptoms and that no communication would be given to parents. I can confirm that this is a hoax and is absolutely NOT true. I have attached a list of questions and answers that I found useful as a Mum myself and I hope you find useful too. We will never test a child. If one of your children displays symptoms, they will be moved to the isolation room with a member of staff to care for them and you will be contacted immediately.
  2. There has been concern that the children of 4JT will be returning next week and not following the 14-day isolation protocol. This again is not accurate. As per the letter I sent to 4JT parents (which is available on the website), the children and staff of that class will not return until Friday 25th September 2020. As they are self-isolating, they will be provided with work from next week.
  3. Parents and staff have also commented on the fact that we still have some parents not social distancing when waiting to collect or drop-off their children. We are reviewing collection of Years 3 and 4 to see how this can be further improved, but can I please reiterate the need to social distance at all times.
  4. Finally, we have had several concerns raised about families returning to school following a trip abroad to a country where self-isolation is then required. We will challenge this at all times. You must follow this process if you are returning from one of these destinations – not doing so puts our community at risk.

The welfare and health of our whole school community is at the very heart of all that we do and we are following the directive from the Government to the letter. Please be reassured that your children are safe with us.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend

Kind regards

Ms V Sumner