Our staff have been working on a video to say goobye to the children.

We want to wish good luck to those leaving us this year and see you soon to those returning in September.

We hope you like it. Now with extras:

3 Thoughts to “Farewell from John Gulson Primary School”

  1. Anonymous

    Good bye…see you soon!

  2. Aishah Bhayat and Abdullah Patel

    Abdullah, has really enjoyed his time at John Gulson. Thank you to all the staff at John Gulson, that have taught and supported him from nursery to year 6. This learning experience will help him in Sidney Stringer. We wish you all the best, and a special goodbye for the staff that are leaving! Thank you for the farewell video, and the lovely messages.

  3. Lakhvir Parmar

    Good bye i hope i might see you guys again.The school was like a family and it will always be.

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