Today is the start of Selective Mutism awareness month and so Mrs Edgar has written a poem to highlight the challenges some children face.

We currently have children at John Gulson diagnosed with Selective Mutism but with understanding we can support them and help them to find a way.

That child who does not speak

That child who does not speak… to you
Has a voice like other kids you speak to.

You may not have heard that voice
But that’s not their conscious choice.

Selective mutism is an anxiety condition
That temporarily prevents communication.

Sometimes they will speak completely freely,
Other times they might freeze with anxiety.

That child may seem to be quite rude
But would love to change the way they’re viewed.

Inside that child has lots to say.
You can help them find a way.

Spend time having fun and building trust,
‘No speech required’ is a must.

That child who does not speak…to you,
Will in time, if you will help them to.

Helen Edgar

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