One Monday morning at the end of January some workmen came to Nursery. They had a digger and a dumper truck and put up an orange fence.
Over the next few weeks lots of digging took place and slowly our Nursery garden began to change. A new climbing area appeared, a lovely big sandpit, raised beds and canopy, and lots of artificial grass was laid.
We had a wooden fence and then some lovely people from Cadent Gas came and painted our garden for us.
Now we have a fabulous garden that we can use all the time- even when it rains.

Today we had the official opening of our garden, on Wednesday 10th April we invited some of our parents and Mr Hussain and Jane Friswell, one of our governors came and cut the ribbon.
It was very exciting! Finally, Azhin and Omer helped Jane to cut our special cake!

The children told us about the day….

“My mum did clap because of the garden. We got balloon” Azhin

“My daddy clapped, and then you cut the cake. The lady was cutting the ribbon” Hannah

“They say hooray, when they opened the garden” Omer

“Sand because we can make sandcastles” Ebeid

“The slide because I love it” Arnela

“My son loves the school very much and he loves the Nursery, teachers and all the staff here, because you are friendly and respect us. I really like John Gulson School. I am happy and my children are happy too” Nursery parent

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