As many of you are aware there was a fire at the school this morning.  The fire occurred in an external building which was not being used The main school building has not been affected by the fire.  There were no children on site. Only a small number of school staff were working  on site. 

 The school would like to thank West Midlands Fire Service for their quick response in tackling the fire. We would also like to thank local people who opened their doors to our staff and provided water and tea. This was greatly appreciated by all. 

A man who was working in the building where the fire occurred was injured. We would like to wish him a quick recovery. All school staff who were on site evacuated the school building safely.
 West Midland Fire Service have made the area affected by the fire safe and fencing has been placed around the affected area.  

Please visit the website for further updates. 


Sayeed Ahmed 

 Deputy Head Teacher 

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