Children from John Gulson School Council were able to visit the Houses of Parliament in London to discover were the country is run. Children were taken on a tour including being able to stand in the house of commons and sit in the gallery of the house of Lords to listen to an ongoing debate. After the tour children were taken to the education center where they made their own bill even getting the pretend Queen Zainab to sign off on the bill. The children were then treated to a ride on the London Eye and the River Thames. The children were a credit to the school and had a fabulous day.

Gideon – At half past 6 on the 1st February I was exhausted but excited. First we went tot the House of Parliament an I was shocked at how bit it is.

Ayesha – When we went to the houses of Parliament we had to wear special passes.

Uzair- we learnt that members of the House of Lords were chosen by their talent and Members of the House of commons were chosen by the citizens. We learnt there are 650 constituencies.

Darween – I learnt that bills have to be created Fairly.

Arif – What I learnt is the when voting the bell rings for 8 straight minutes and all the MP’s from around the place rush to place their vote.

Al- Umayer – In the education center we were discussing about a bill that we made called ‘No school on Fridays’.

Aroush – Zainab was the queen and she had to sign the letter.

Arif H – I was very excited when i got to the London eye.

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