The children in Nursery have been learning so much over the past couple of weeks. On 5th November, we talked about Bonfire Night, and the children were very excited about all of the loud bangs they had heard at night time. We watched some fireworks on the big screen and used lots of different resources to create our own firework patterns.

We also learned about the Festivsal of Light – Diwali! We watched a video about how some families celebrate this special occasion, and talked about diva lamps and rangoli patterns, and then made our own!

The Nursery children had another special treat, as two owls came to visit us. We learned all about how the owl uses its wings to fly, and how it uses its claws to catch its food. The children had to be very quiet so they didn’t scare the owls, and lots of them were really brave, putting on a special glove and carefully holding one of the owls!

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