On Wednesday 18th July we had the annual Staff vs Pupils Football Match. The match started a bit cagey in the first few minutes while each side sussed each other out as the first half went on the Staff started to gain a bit of control showing some glimpses of skill and poise, eventually the break through goal came to the staff after persistent running. The second and third goals came in relatively quick succession again good work by the staff to create these opportunities.

The half time whistle blew and the Pupils need to re group otherwise the score will be a lot more. In fairness to the Pupils they did, many changes were made at half time and boy what a difference that made.. the Staff couldn’t cope with the changes that were made. The Pupils were doing what the Staff had been doing to them in the first half, Staff were trying to catch the Pupils out on the counter attack but their defense stood strong.  As the second half dragged on the Pupils finally grabbed a goal back! That wasn’t all they quickly grabbed a second too, with the score currently at 3-2 it was still anyones game but fortunately for the staff they stood strong and held out to claim a precious 3-2 victory over the pupils!

It was a hard and well fought game in blistering heat both teams will be proud none more so than the pupils who never backed down and always kept on working hard! Until next year…


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