A number of different activities took place on 6th February to celebrate Safer Internet Day, which is celebrated globally. We explored the theme:

 “Create, connect and share respect: a better internet starts with you.”

which encourages everyone, to play their part in building a better internet and to turn any negativity about the internet into positivity.

There were assemblies, class  discussions and different activities taking place around the school. Reception children listened to the story ‘Chicken Clicking’ by the author Jeanne Willis and discussed the right thing to do when using the internet. Some children watched and listened to a story all about keeping safe when online. Others had a circle time discussion about what the internet is, what it is used for and ways in which we can keep safe. Children also made posters about internet safety and talked about what they like to access when online. We continue to talk about how to keep safe when using the internet and what to do if we see or hear something which causes us to worry or be sad.


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  1. Heba

    I loved doing this

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