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Last month Lee Taylor, our school chef, made it through to the regional finals for the School Chef of the Year competition. Our school council went along to the regional finals to support him. Here are their comments:

The school council and some other children from year 6 went to see Lee Taylor (our school chef) cook in a regional competition is Birmingham. We saw how he cooked and what skills he has and it was an amazing experience. In the building there were several chefs and they were very precise and careful. Lee presented his dishes brilliantly using different tools to do this, which made it look really professional. We learnt a lot from the experience and it was fascinating to see all the chefs cook. The time we spent there was fantastic and we all learnt a lot. Thank you to Lee, Mr Watson and Mrs Russell-Brooks for giving us this opportunity and taking us.


It was an amazing experience at the city kitchen in Birmingham. I just liked how they were dedicated into their cooking and all the steam in the air. I was amazed by the pace at which they were working at as it was a race against time. I had a look at the menus and there were mouth-watering flavours.


It looked very hard because there are other people finishing. Also, the judges would call out the time, which would put pressure on the chefs. When Lee was preparing the food he didn’t just dump it he made it look neat. Although time was running out fast, he still took his time and made it the best he could.


It was a fantastic day watching Lee Taylor cook. It was very hard when the chef told the time because I saw the cooks getting frustrated. I liked the part when Lee Taylor put fire on the pineapple.


School Council visit the competition

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