Tuesday 5th December

Today our Girls football team played their 2nd game of the league against Keresley Grange Academy.

It was a very exciting game and our girls played very good football.

We controlled most of the game and kept attacking and we managed to score 6 goals and concede only 1.

Thanks for all the support and we are looking forward to more games.

9 Thoughts to “Great win for Team JG Girls.”

  1. Lee Taylor

    Well done all of you!!!!

  2. Hammad Hussain

    It was a Really good win. I was amazed when I heard the score!

  3. farah

    i was shocked that you guys won keep up with the good work, you are such good kids for winning that is really cool.

  4. Anonymous

    well done girls…keep it up

  5. Wiktoria odalska

    Were is Fatima

  6. cool

    well done guys


  7. arezu ahmed

    well done you did very well even yossr its arezu

  8. arezu ahmed

    keep it up girls

  9. Anonymous

    Welldone everyone

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