On Friday, all three Year 5 classes had the opportunity to visit Beaumanor Hall in Leicester. During their visit, children were given the chance to experience what it was like to be a World War 2 evacuee. From the minute they reached to the time they left, children were treated like evacuees.

Melat Ayalew 5BJ

My favourite experience was the Air Raid Shelter. We had to go underground to reach the shelter. It started off with a loud siren, then the banging on the roof from the bombs. Although I was scared, a little bit of excitement took over. It made me realise how harrowing it must have been for the civilians way back then.

Rihana Ahad 5HM

At Beaumanor Hall we did some decoding of messages because German bombers were coming to attack us. First, we were split up into two groups, the first group put headphones on and listened to the messages. They passed the message to the second group to decode. It was really fun, I wonder how people, in World War 2, did it so quickly?

Rizwan Bismillah 5MP

I was surprised with what was rationed during  World war 2, nowadays, you would get a lot more. I realised that if you were given a certain amount of butter, for example, and you finished it, then you would have to wait until the following week for your next supply. Food had to be rationed fairly, even if you were a VIP you would still be given a ration book and have to ration your food. Today, if we brought some flour it would come in packs of 500gms or even 1kg however, during the war you would have it weighed.


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