Everybody arrived safely at Dol-y-Moch last night. It was a long journey and there was lots to do when we arrived but we got it all done and went to bed. We are now preparing for a map reading day with a trip to the beach and ice cream to finish.

7 Thoughts to “Plas Dol-y-Moch 2017”

  1. Rebecca Richardson

    Awesome sounds great … good to know everyone is good n arrived safely ….. hi solo… hope everyone has a great day n b in touch later … Rebecca

  2. Martina O'Reilly Qadiri

    Glad to know everyone arrived safely hope you all have a great time xx raysheenah have fun baby girl and believe in yourself xxx

  3. gazala fiaz

    Hope everyone is having a good first day
    Enjoy yourself all.javierea try all the activitie dont be scared love u mum xxx

  4. Rebecca Richardson

    Hey all … hope ure first day was great, n the weather ok … hope u breathed in sum sea air ! Hope u ate ice cream too … also that everyone has a great time…. Miss u dude … dad says hi … looking forward to hearing how day was …. I’ll write again soon … be good everyone night all n solo mwah mum xxxx

  5. najma

    we are going to the sea life centar

  6. hiba mohameds sister in 2cp

    we are going to the sea life centar

  7. Zains sister

    Hope you have a fun time Zain x

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