A great day on the beach on Thursday. The weather was very windy and we saw some dramatic waves. We had fun making rock towers and playing team games. To finish it all we went to the best ice cream shop in Wales.

2 Thoughts to “Fun on the Beach”

  1. Ruman's Dad

    Very happy to see the kids having a wonderful day at the beach.

  2. Rebecca Richardson

    Wow cool … aww having so much fun … well solo hope ure having a great time sounds soo much fun …. great to be able to know what u guys have been up to too … much appreciated teacher … can’t wait to hear all bout you’re news today … hope everyone joining in activities and getting most out of facilities available .. great team work at John Gulson . Keep it up crew… take care of each other … b back soon .. time is flying … mwah solo xxx big love

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