Today the weather was kind to us and the sun shone. The wind was calm and conditions were nearly perfect for canoeing. We have all been paddling a canoe down the river – some with more success than others. We all managed to survive and make it to the end of our river journey. We have also been on the mountain bikes and the skills we developed back at school came in very handy. We made it onto the mountain bike track and had a great time. All that remained was to clean the bikes. We will see all the parents about 12.30 tomorrow (Sunday) and the rest of the school on Monday morning.

On the Track
Cleaning the Bikes
Meeting Jose

One Thought to “Fantastic Final Day at Plas Dol-y-Moch”

  1. Rebecca Richardson

    Hi all great news sounds great wow u guys have been busy … hope u all have s last great evening , to the end of a fun packed time .. hope you’ve all made some new friends … hope u all sleep well n c u all Sunday … can’t wait to c u son love mum ..
    p.s thank you teachers instructors ….

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