The governing body of John Gulson Primary School wish to change the school day for all pupils from September 2016. The change in the teaching day is being considered as we believe a longer teaching day will clearly offer more learning opportunities for our pupils. This change will also allow more flexibility to adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of our students.
Given the number of our pupils it is not possible to shorten lunchtimes and still allow children a reasonable time to eat and have a short break from learning.

Current School Day Proposed School Day
Yr 8:55-11:30 12:30-3:00 8:45-11:30 12:30-3:15
Yr 1-5 8:55-12 Noon 1:00-3:00 8:45-12 Noon 1:00-3:15
Yr 6 8:55-12:30 1:30-3:00 8:45-12:30 1:30-3:15

This will allow a further 2 hours and 5 minutes per week learning opportunity for our pupils.

Our local authority have been consulted and their response is as follows:

The Local Authority are supportive of this change.. Increasing the learning week by 2 hours 5 minutes a week will no doubt assist in curriculum delivery and learning opportunities.
Current Department of Education guidance states that the Board of Governors “will decide the length of the school day, including session times and breaks, taking into account the recommendation of the headteacher”
However we are pleased to see you are following the pre 2011 Department of Education guidance and consulting with the head teacher, parents and staff and giving reasonable notice of the change.

If you wish to make a comment then please put them in writing by Monday 2 May 2016 addressed to:

Mrs S Howard, Chair of Governors, c/o John Gulson Primary School, George St, Coventry CV1 4HB

A meeting will be held for parents on Wednesday 4 May at 9.00 am in order for you to discuss this issue and ask any questions.

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