great pupil challengeI am pleased to inform you that we now have interactive challenges for children to participate in on the school website.

There are English, Maths and Reading challenges for each year group so all children can participate. The challenges run from Monday morning to the following Monday morning and participants will be chosen from each year group every week.

Rewards will be given out in assembly each week.  If your child prefers to draw or write their answers on paper there will be a collection box outside Mr Hussain’s office. Please ensure they have their name and class on any work submitted.

I look forward to receiving everyone’s challenges.

Click here to take the challenge.

Thank you.

Mrs Russell-Brookes

2 Thoughts to “Great Pupil Challenge Launched”

  1. ali

    this is really good

  2. Muhummed 3AG

    This is a really good challenge the Mr. Hussain has put on. I am in 3ag-Year 3 and I have won the challenge 1 time and my sister won it 2 times. My sister is the first person to get a pen licence and I am a school council.

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