During the first week back to school, Year 3 had the opportunity to study the history of Coventry by visiting Coventry City centre. They had a tour of Coventry, looking at key historical features from the past, including:

  • the statue of Lady Godiva
  • Coventry Cathedrals
  • the old sandstone gate near Lady Herbert’s garden
  • the cobbled stones near the Coventry Council building
  • Three Spires of Coventry – Holy Trinity, St Michael’s, Grey Friars
  • Sir Frank Whittle statue
  • an old Victorian letter box

While the children were touring Coventry, they discussed and observed different historical periods of time (medieval, Tudor, Victorian, modern). They discovered that Coventry City centre is on a hill and that it was surrounded by a sandstone wall that had 12 gates. Also, there are two different stories of how Coventry got its name – one to do with witches and another to do with a man called Coffa. Both stories involved a gathering around a tree in the forest, as Coventry used to have lots of trees during medieval times.

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