On Tuesday, pupils in Year 5 were treated to an amazing day in which Professor Davies, Egyptologist and Archaeologist came in to talk to the children, all about the Ancient Egyptians and take part in Egyptian themed activities throughout the day.

Professor Davies gave a talk about the history of the Ancient Egyptians, where they lived, what weapons they fought with and how they built the pyramids, the children were absorbed with all this fascinating information to take back into the classroom.

The children took part playing a game from Ancient Egyptian times called “The Jackal and Hound”,  they also took part in a measuring activity using the units of measurement of Cubits, Palms and Fingers the Egyptian’s used. The third activity was a fact finding mission to fill out lots more about the Ancient Egyptians.

In the afternoon, the children played a hunting game, trying to knock over animals which lived in the River Nile and then the children took part in a funeral procession and witnessed how a body was prepared for mummification before being buried in the tomb.

All in all, the children had a fantastic day in their Egyptian fancy dress and learnt a lot more about Ancient Egyptian than they had done before!

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