Dear Parents

It’s that time of year where we have our dark days and wet weather. This along with the run up to Christmas can mean that people are dashing about and certainly out on the road; moving vehicles and the way cars are parked can cause a concern.
Please be extra vigilant at this time of year, as it’s very easy to get pre-occupied and the children are also understandably excited too. With this in mind, please can you ensure that your children are always by your side when dropping off and collecting from school.
By way of reminder, your children can be dropped off in school for 8:45 am. Similarly, at the end of the day we will try our best to get the children out with their belongings on time for you to exit the site by 3:00pm unless they attend a club.
Many thanks for your co-operation and continued support!

Reception Applications September 2016
All applications for pupils due to start school in September next year must be submitted by January 15th 2016. Applications have to be made through the Coventry admissions website: The city council deal with all reception applications across the City. Any late applications will result in a child not having a place in a Coventry school.

Please can I remind all parents that we have a policy about sickness. In order to prevent bugs and viruses spreading it is important that if your child is sick then they must not return to school until 48 hours after the last bout of sickness. Illnesses can spread very quickly in schools and we have a duty to prevent this as much as possible. Whilst I appreciate this can cause child care issues, the need to prevent further spread and to protect others in school is paramount. I do understand that children can be sick for reasons other than bugs but defining the cause and differentiating individual cases would be very difficult so the 48 hour request applies to all. If a child suffers sickness for another medical reason that is diagnosed by a GP then there is scope to discuss this as it could be an exceptional circumstance. To consider exceptional cases parents would need to make an appointment to discuss this. Your support with our policy is appreciated.

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