On Tuesday 8th December, Year 3 had the privilege of attending a Christingle service at Coventry Cathedral and they performed their song ‘Starry Night’ in front of a group of five other schools from across Coventry.

All the Year 3 Team are incredibly proud of the children as they performed the song with actions with confidence and listened to the service exceptionally well. They showed respect and good manners throughout the whole service – Well done Year 3!

The children learnt the importance of a Christingle and what it represents.
“I know that the orange represent the world,” said Bethan.
“I know that the red ribbon represents the blood of Christ,” Said Salma.
“The candle represents the light of God,” said Aisha.
“The four cocktails sticks and fruits on the sticks represent the four seasons as well as the compass directions (N, S, E, W),” said Umair.

ChristingleServicepic2 ChristingleServicepic1

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