Team JG took on the JG Staff to celebrate the end of a very busy school year for both Staff and Children. It was a very competitive match as you would expect it to be, both teams started the game really well and both Goal-Keepers made great saves. 5 minute before the end of the first half the Staff team scored their first goal to end first half 1-0 up.

Second half started with same fast pace and both teams played good football, but the Staff were more clinical and scored 2 more goals to make 3-0. But Team JG came back really strong and Adnan hit the ball from about 25 yards to score first goal for the team, few minutes later the boys were awarded a penalty after a push from Mr Nash for Jibi to convert it to a goal. The boys kept the pressure on and with half team being in the Staff goal area, Adnan kicks the ball between the defenders  legs and sends it into Mr Watson’s net to end a brilliant game 3-3. It was the next best comeback since Liverpool’s Champions League in Istanbul 2005.

Thanks to everyone who took place at this great afternoon, and to all parents who attended the game.

Have a great summer holiday everyone.

M Shebl

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