Year Three have been focusing on light all this week.  We have used iPads and laptops to research sunrise and sunset times in cities around the world in Maths; investigated transparent, translucent and opaque objects; looked at how shadows can be changed to create a puppet show and then performed to our partner class in Reception.  We have also been researching light and how we see then using this information to write non-chronological reports based upon this topic in English. When the Mad Science came in, we used ultraviolet lights to see different colours, and then tried on diffraction glasses to see how white light is actually made up of every colour from the rainbow.

Here are the children exploring with ultraviolet lights and learning about white light

The children used researched data gathered in tables to create line graphs using Microsoft Excel– sunset, sunrise for different cities around the world. The next day, children answered questions using information presented in different forms – spreadsheet and line graph.

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