IMG_0271school council logoOn Monday, the School council were asked for suggestion on how to develop the dinner menus. They came up with lots of ideas which were healthy and delicious.

We look forward to trying the new items on next terms menus.

Also a big Thank you to Malcolm for bringing lots of food samples!

3 Thoughts to “School Council help with dinner menus”

  1. Shabbir Patel

    Is the school dinner menu available for parents to view on the school website, if not can you please make this available as it is important for parents to know what meals options are available.


    1. Website Admin

      Thanks for the feedback Shabbir, we have requested an up to date menu from out caterers. I’ll update the website as soon as we receive it.

    2. Website Admin

      Hi Shabbir, we have updated the school menu page with the latest menu and the catering company will continue to send us updates when items change. You can find the new menu here:

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