A BIG THANK YOU to all 48 parents who came out to attend the Healthy Eating workshop run at John Gulson on Tuesday the 27th of January. It was wonderful to see our parents giving full interest to the development of healthy behaviour across the school.

At the Home Link meeting we explored the adverse effects of choosing high sugar and high fat foods for our children, with lots of helpful practical tips given to parents around better options for a healthy lunch box.  As a part of the event, the Catering Academy, who provide healthy and scrumptious meals for the children on a daily basis, demonstrated just how John Gulson is adhering to the new legislation around food standards.

Parents were most impressed by the excellent spread of fresh fruit, salads and healthy pudding options now made available to children accessing free school meals. To find out if you are entitled to free school meals, please feel free to contact your class teacher or any of the managerial staff for a form. We encourage parents to take up this opportunity and apply as it has proven not only cheaper for our families, but a sure way to give our children a balanced healthy diet!

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