On Friday 21st of November, we played our first league game against Whitmore Park. We started the game really well by controlling the ball, the passing was great and we created so many chances. Hamza set Djibril twice to score the first 2 goals, Whitmore Park team was very good and tried hard, but our defense was brilliant and stopped them scoring. 5 minutes before the final whistle, Djibril ran with the ball from middle of the pitch and scored a fantastic individual goal to finish the game 3-0 and earned his first hat-trick of the season.

Team: Djibril (C) Tharek-Unais-Adeel-Mustaf-Adnan-Rihan-Hamza-Hadi

Report by Hamza and Djibril



One Thought to “Great start to the season”

  1. we played good and deserved the win

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